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Thank you for your interest in Pillar House and desire to support its mission. Currently the Pillar House experience is only available to two women each year. The long-term vision for Pillar House is to establish a network of homes and host mentors in order to continue offering this experience to multiple young women and men in the years to come. Please continue reading below to learn more about the expectations for Pillar House hosts.

Do I need to own a house to host a Pillar House location? No, a Pillar House location can also be an apartment. However, you must contact your landlord to determine the proper procedure for hosting a Pillar House location in accordance with your current lease or rental agreement.

How much should I charge for rent? Pillar House locations should be priced lower than the typical rent price for homes in your area with similar number of bedrooms. A suggested amount for rent is $300 per month ($250 for accommodations, $50 for utilities). Because the Pillar House mission is to provide affordable housing to young adults, hosts should be financially independent and not require residents' contributions to fulfill their own monthly mortgage or rent payments.

What accommodations do I need to provide? All Pillar House locations must provide one bedroom for each resident including a bed and dresser or closet; additional furniture is optional. Hosts must also provide access to a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry facilities; residents will provide their own toiletries, groceries, and detergent. Ideal Pillar House locations would house at least two residents in order to assist in establishing connections with other young adults.

What is the time commitment for hosts? Pillar House is a one-year commitment from August through July. At a minimum, hosts can expect to meet with each resident once every other week for one-on-one mentoring sessions. Hosts and residents should find a common day and time to meet regularly for approximately 1–2 hours (e.g. every other Thursday, 7–8:30 p.m.). The host and all residents will meet at least once a month for house-wide events in order to develop community. Events can include dinner, service projects, or fun outings like hiking or mini golf. It is suggested that hosts and residents create a set schedule for the monthly house events (e.g. first Friday of each month) and reserve these times from the beginning of the year.

Will I need to be responsible for rule enforcement or disciplinary action? Pillar House does not have a standard code of conduct for all locations. Rather, hosts and residents meet during their first week together to establish mutual expectations and create a customized rental agreement that addresses areas like cleaning responsibilities, overnight guests, quiet hours, and alcohol use. This initial conversation can also address plans for conflict resolution or how to hold each other accountable to the rental agreement. A sample rental agreement can be provided upon request.


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